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June 9 - 12, 2024 - Fallen Leaf Lake, CA, USA

The conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for researchers to discuss the fundamental nanoscale physics and chemistry that are central to the growth of crystals for a wide array of technologies.  

28th AACG Western Section Conference

on Crystal Growth & Epitaxy

Biological and Biomimetic Materials


This session focuses on crystallization of biological/biomimetic materials as well as self-assembly mechanisms. This includes but will not be limited to: assembly and/or function of organic (e.g., polysaccharides, proteins, peptides, peptoids, DNA and RNA, and synthesized polymers) materials, and nucleation, growth and phase transformations of inorganic component in biological/biomimetic materials as well as their subsequent impact on performance. In addition, interactions at the inorganic-organic interface, biomimetic/bioinspired syntheses as well as modeling of crystallization in these systems will be discussed. In this highly interdisciplinary session, state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical approaches will be discussed and thereby bridge the understanding of fundamental principles and the possibilities for various applications.

Energy and Environmental Materials


In this session, we will discuss the nucleation, growth, and morphological evolution of functional materials (e.g., metals, metal oxides, perovskites, and metal-organic frameworks) across scales. Materials with potential applications in energy storage, catalysis, water treatment, and environmental remediation will be considered. Topics ranging from crystallization at interfaces (electrode/solution, substrate/solution and membrane/solution), to structure-property relationships and in-device performance will be discussed. Also of interest are in operando characterization methods, state-of-the-art experimental techniques, and theoretical, simulation and machine learning approaches to establish connection between formation mechanism and performance in these functional materials.

Fundamentals of Crystallization


This session addresses nucleation, crystal growth, phase transformation, and particle assembly processes from theoretical, experimental, and computational perspectives. Specific interests include the free-energy landscape that defines the thermodynamic preference for crystal structure, shape, and size distribution, dynamic processes, such as species diffusion and other transport processes, that determine growth kinetics, the association/disassociation between crystallization species and solvents, and the connection between interfacial properties and growth. Processes of interest include inorganic and organic bulk crystallization from liquid-phase solutions and melts, as well as crystal growth on 2D interfaces or in confined spaces.

Registration opens in December 2023

Registration fees for the 28th AACG Western Section Conference on Crystal Growth & Epitaxy are ALL-INCLUSIVE. The fee includes registration, lodging, and meals. Registration also includes camp activities during afternoon breaks.


Organizing Committee

Conference Chair:  Moneesh Upmanyu (Northeastern University)

Program Chairs: Jong Seto (Arizona State University), Peter Vekilov (Universityo of Houston), and David Kisailus (University of California, Irvine)

Local Arrangements: Luis Zepeda-Ruiz (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Conference Sponsor

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